• Commercial Solutions

  • With over 100 commercial accounts in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas - it is some of the most enjoyable work we get to do.  Each commercial building is different, from small commercial buildings to large industrial heating and cooling plants.  We enjoy getting to know the needs of each of our clients, and you can rest assured that you always are able to work with the same team so regular maintenance and repairs are performed quickly and efficiently.

    We have many case studies we would be happy to share with you, from energy efficient data centers, to half-million square feet green houses, to rapid-freezing food service applications and more.  Drop us a note at our contact us page and let us know what industry you are in - chances are we have both the experience and references that will give you the confidence you need to work with Heat & Kool.

  • Commercial Case Study: Data Center Design

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  • Commercial case study: Food Service

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